16.04.2024 – Webinar on the topic “Cyber cleaning: erasing the digital dust””

Back up your digital data, because if you keep everything on a laptop and a drive accidentally gets damaged, you’ll lose everything. Make sure the passwords you create are long and strong enough. Do not post live where you are on Instagram, because they will easily locate you with Geospy. Do not respond to emails or messages from a random username.

These are just some of the tips given by teachers and young people who participated in the webinar titled “Cyber Cleanup: Clearing the Digital Dust.” held on 16.04.2024 via ZOOM platform. The professors from the Faculty of Information Technologies and Computer Engineering (FINKI), Ivan Chorbev, the professor from the Faculty of Informatics at “Goce Delchev” University in Shtip, as well as Aleksandar Risteski, the president of the student assembly of FINKI, shared knowledge and experiences on the topic of cyber security and cyber hygiene.

This webinar as organized by the Association for the Advancement of Media Practices “Innovative Media”, with the support of the regional project SMART BALKAN – Civil Society for the Connected Western Balkans, implemented by the Center for the Promotion of Civil Society (CPCD), the Center for Research and Creation of Politics (CIKP) and the Institute for Democracy and Mediation (IDM) with financial support from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Norway.