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Its aim is to provide the Albanian speaking population of North Macedonia and abroad with accurate and reliable information, through news and analysis production focusing on the reform process of European Union (EU) accession and the benefits and responsibilities resulting from the NATO membership. By producing news relevant to all citizens regardless of their ethnic origin, contributes to the strengthening of the inter-ethnic relations and establishing social cohesion in Macedonia.

Media Literacy Trainings

The Association provides Media Literacy Training for journalists, media owners and NGO-s. The goal is to train them in order to critically evaluate media content, examine social media for disinformation tactics and polarizing content, to create messaging to counter disinformation, understand the importance of engagement with media for self-expression and democratic participation, identify propaganda and disinformation and harmful media.

Content for the Youth

The Association is giving voice and contents to the Youth, it has Generation Z in Focus by providing online promotional space for youth, especially to the university and high school students in North Macedonia. It works as an aggregator of writings and comments about their issues relevant to them, helping young bloggers to gain visibility.


Since 2021, the Association through collaborates with the Macedonian News Agency, in the project: Credible information for engaged youth. The goal of the project is to increase youth engagement in public life empowering them to demand resolution of priority issues that affect their lives.

Since 2020, the Association through collaborates with the fact-checking site from Albania, in the project: “The region through facts“.
The aim of the project is to provide accurate and verified information about the most important issues affecting the two neighboring countries, as well as to expose misinformation passing from one country to another and beyond in the region.

Since 2012, the Association collaborates with the fact-checking site, “Critical Thinking for Mediawize  Citizens – CriThink”, and The Media Fact Checking Service.
Portalb republishes educational articles, fact-checking and other types of articles and videos that contribute to the fight against disinformation.