The association for the Advancement of Journalistic Practices



The association protects, promotes and advances professional standards in the media by building capacities of journalists and strengthens the awareness and capacity of young journalists for them to take on the best possible role as innovative journalists respecting ethical norms and are activists for democracy.

29.04.2024 – One-day training on the art of creating engaging social media content

One-day training on the usage of various applications and techniques for creating engaging social media content was held in the premises of the Association for the Advancement of Journalistic Practices “Innovative Media”. 17 journalists and editors attended the training conducted…

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Journalists Deepen Knowledge on Engaged Citizens Reporting journalists were among 50 journalists from eight media outlets that joined an online ‘learning circle’ on April 22-23 to gain more knowledge about engagement journalism and innovative methods to involve women, young people and under-represented communities in the creation…

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Meeting with the SMART Balkans team

The team of Innovative Media concluded a face-to-face meeting with the SMART Balkans team as partners who act directly in the communities and impact society for the better! The Smart Balkans team via its monitoring visit met with the media…

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16.04.2024 – Webinar on the topic “Cyber cleaning: erasing the digital dust””

Back up your digital data, because if you keep everything on a laptop and a drive accidentally gets damaged, you’ll lose everything. Make sure the passwords you create are long and strong enough. Do not post live where you are…

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28.02.2024 – Webinar on the topic “Artificial intelligence in the media – pros and cons”

The influence of artificial intelligence in the future world of journalism was the topic of discussion in this webinar, in which journalist Bojan Shashevski, photojournalist Zvonko Pllavevski and lawyer Valentin Pepeljugoski participated. The webinar “Artificial intelligence in the media -…

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Reporting Diversity Advanced Training

Reporting Diversity Network – The New Agenda is inviting CSOs, grassroots activists, human rights defenders to attend the Reporting Diversity training of trainers. The training will take place in Podgorica, between 13-16 February 2024 and will gather 30 participants from across the Western…

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