Reporting Diversity Network – The New Agenda


Duration: 01.03.2023 – 31.03.2027

Promoting more responsible public speech by debunking stereotypical, discriminatory and hateful discourses;

Effectively influence media representation of ethnicity, religion and gender in the Western Balkans.

Increase resilience within each WB country to prevalent historical divides; diminishing ethnic distances; reducing discrimination and thus improving neighbourly relations.

Monitoring of traditional and new media to uncover hate speech and divisive discourses following media monitoring methodology;


Active civil society in countering narratives of the divide that replaces them with much needed positive discourse contributing to the value of good neighbouring relations and respect for social diversity;

Empowered regional network of CSOs that work together to influence the quality of media messages affecting perceptions of ethnicity, religion and gender (and other diversity categories) as pressing thematic areas relevant for overall levels of understanding and tolerance in the Western Balkans;